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Benefits to your business of a single IT vendor

At Ultra IT we have established relationships with businesses in Northland with a focus on cyber security, as well as utilising technology to optimise your business goals.

We’ve seen the results for businesses of partnering with a single IT provider, and share some of the key reasons why below.


With a single, reliable vendor taking on IT tasks, you gain transparency. Entrusting infrastructure oversight to one expert can simplify IT security and compliance.

Finding one vendor to manage your entire IT environment, means that the right partner can address day-to-day technology needs, plus detect vulnerabilities, breaches, and compliance shortcomings.

The one vendor gets to know all your infrastructure well, and you avoid various partners touting different software solutions, which can reduce compatibility issues and prevent integration friction. It can also help avoid inefficiency and bottlenecks.

Simplify communication

A single-vendor arrangement means one partner to connect with when you have concerns. You have one service-level agreement (SLA) to consult, one contract to keep up with.

Additionally, you avoid having the same conversations repeatedly with various vendors. You can bring your one and only vendor up to speed on your goals, budget, work processes, and more, then count on them to consolidate IT services and consult on IT needs to get you where you need to go.

Speedy service

Working with many partners means issue resolution starts with identifying who handles what. By relying on a single, qualified IT partner, you streamline things, and you know right away who to contact about any issues. Plus, you can expect expedited service and effective resolution of your problems. That’s because your partner knows your IT infrastructure inside out. They don’t have to collaborate with other companies to resolve an IT concern.


A single-vendor environment also makes accountability straightforward. There’s no question who is responsible, because you only have one partner to turn to, and you’re not calling into many support lines. You also avoid reading several SLAs to see who has promised you what. This accountability can hurry the resolution of any issues.


A single-source vendor can better customize services to suit your needs. They get to know your specific goals and needs and can tailor offerings accordingly.

Working with an expert vendor with domain knowledge can also simplify risk management. You only have one partner to watch and mitigate risk with.

Cost savings

Instead of paying for many partners’ specific niche coverage, enjoy a single provider. You can often negotiate favorable terms when packaging IT services into a single contract, plus, you don’t have to keep up with several contracts at once, which also avoids administrative headaches.

Single-vendor success

A single IT vendor supporting your success will want to be a true partner. It is mutually beneficial to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Plus we can take a more collaborative, strategic approach to your long-term business goals. Contact us here to discuss how we can help support your businesses growth.