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Questions and Answers about IT

IT Support and Troubleshooting FAQs

IT is a specialised field and as IT support is what we do best, our team gets asked similar questions often. That’s why we have compiled a list of common questions and answers about IT, our Managed Services, and IT support that will hopefully help you make sense of it all. However, if your question isn’t answered in the list below, you are welcome to get in touch with Ultra IT. We’re more than happy to help.

Most of our clients have 20+ users. We work with corporates, not-for-profits based in Whangarei as well as charitable trusts, iwi and hapu Northland-wide. Our clients can count on a streamlined network and have a responsive and knowledgeable remote team at hand that supports them with everything IT.

Operational Expenditure (Opex) is used for ongoing expenses. Opex has no or low upfront costs and allows companies to spread their expenses over a period of time.

Yes, we do. To help with your Opex we provide leasing. The minimum amount to start a leasing transaction is $5,000. Leasing terms are from 3-5 years and can be leased to own or leased to return.

MSP is an abbreviation that stands for Managed Service Provider, which is a third-party that remotely manages a customer’s information technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user system. This usually includes:

  • Managing IT infrastructure
  • Adding and managing cybersecurity
  • Offering technical support to staff
  • Managing user access accounts on clients’ systems
  • Offering fully managed hardware solutions

In a nutshell an MSP is your ‘outsourced IT Dept’ that provides proactive IT support.

Part of the MSP contract includes a Service Level Agreement or an SLA. Having an SLA in place for businesses is crucial so that you know what to expect when you have a support request. The SLA clarifies things like:

  • Responsiveness of the service: Details of how quickly the service will be delivered. How long you can expect to wait for support, for both the initial response and the onsite time.
  • How to contact us.
  • Service description.
  • Quality of service.

First, it’s not just about emails! Email hosting can deliver a variety of different solutions including improved cybersecurity, increased storage space, and remote working options. Systems like Microsoft 365 include access to video meeting software with Teams, large file sharing with Sharepoint, and scalable data management in the Cloud. If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to talk to our specialist team in Whangarei.