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Evolving Cyber Security

Cyber Security remains one of the top concerns for businesses in todays world. We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Huntress for Cyber Security, replacing ESET. The reason for this is that it provides the next level of Cyber Security for our clients businesses. Already we have seen clients that could have potentially been hacked, been stopped in their tracks with Huntress.

Cyber Security is a threat for every business no matter how big or small, in fact smaller businesses are often at greater risk due to the fact that they may not have adequate security in place.

As part of a Managed Service Plan (MSP) you automatically receive this high level of consistent 24/7 monitoring and Cyber Security. The bonus is you don’t need to know how it all works, just that it does work, and it is one less thing for you to worry about.

Some of the reasons we have teamed up with Huntress are listed below:

    The Huntress team enables you to streamline your defenses and add the power of real, around-the-clock threat analysts to your team. Analysts can help identify, investigate and isolate hidden threats that would otherwise remain undetected.
    The Huntress Managed Security Platform is a simple cloud-delivered solution that makes it easy for you to defend against hidden threats and advanced attacks. It slows down hackers, not your devices whilst delivering advanced security for your endpoints without all the guesswork.
    Attackers are finding new ways to get past traditional defenses, and they show no signs of stopping. The Huntress Managed Security Platform is built by offensive security experts who continuously add services to extend the depth and breadth of your security posture and keep you one step ahead of today’s advanced threat.

How Huntress Works:

Step one: Detect

Agents detect, collect and sends data to our cloud for analysis of suspicious activity and potential threats.

Step two: Analyse

Our automated engine performs initial analysis of the information collected by the agent. Then our ThreatOps team reviews the full
context of that data to determine the scope and severity of potential threats.

Step Three: Respond

When a threat is confirmed, a unique and easy-to-understand incident report is delivered with stepby-step remediation
instructions to eliminate the threat and harden your security posture.

The Huntress Managed Security Platform offers the following:

ThreatOps: Our ThreatOps team is the backbone of the Huntress platform and can be your secret weapon in the fight against hackers. This team of always-on experts can look into potential threats, analyze hacker tradecraft, create incident reports and help remediate cyber threats.

Persistent Footholds: At the core of our platform is our ability to identify malicious footholds, a key indication that an attacker has successfully slipped past preventive defenses. Huntress monitors for these footholds, and when found, delivers actionable recommendations and one-click approval for automated remediation.

Process Insights: Evict hackers faster with near real-time endpoint detection and response. Process Insights merges endpoint forensics with deep network traffic visibility to weed out and stop cyberattacks as they happen.
Managed Antivirus: By providing centralized management and visibility, Managed Antivirus starts the conversation for you to reclaim and amplify existing investment in Microsoft Defender Antivirus, opening up more options to strengthen your security stack.
Ransomware Canaries: Like the old canary in the coal mine, our Ransomware Canaries enable earlier investigation of potential ransomware incidents. Uniquely coupled with our ThreatOps team, our approach weeds out false positives and focuses on actionable intelligence.
External Recon: External Recon gives you visibility into external attack surfaces by monitoring for potential exposures caused by open ports connected to remote desktop services, shadow IT and more.

We partnered with Huntress more than two years ago and haven’t had a single regret. Huntress’ capabilities to
seek out threats on the endpoint, investigate them quickly and provide remediation recommendations provides my team with an incredible weapon to deal with live incidents.

Chris Loehr

In Summary

The best news about this upgraded security, is that you don’t have to know anything about what is going on behind the scenes, as this is all taken care of within a Managed Service Plan.

Despite all of this, security continues to be something that we need to all work on together. This recent article is a good reminder of the security basics and what you are your team can do to minimise the cyber security threats.

To read more about what a Managed Service Plan is and how it can benefit your business click here.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team here.