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Computer hardware

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The Advantages of Leasing IT Hardware

What would be the difference to your business of not having to spend thousands of dollars for new IT hardware? Ultra IT offer a leasing option on a “Managed Device Agreement”
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Bad Weather? How to protect your IT equipment

Given the recent spate of storm events in Northland and NZ wide, and weather experts saying we’re going to get more in the future, now is the time to check
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IT Hardware: Tips for planning and budgeting

Nothing is more true than the fact that IT moves quickly these days!  Part of keeping up with IT and the rapid changes is making sure that your business has
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Routers = Security + Speed….

More then just that flashing box, lighting up like a disco in the corner of the room, routers play a particularly vital role in keeping your business safe, and your
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Top IT Tips for 2022

Top IT Tips for 2022 A New Year is a definitely a chance to kick things off the way you mean to go on. For Northland businesses, we have compiled
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Upgrading to improve productivity & Security:

It’s hard to know where to start when prioritising the upgrade of hardware. Here are the top things we see that businesses could upgrade to improve productivity and add security.
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Computer shortage – What can you do?

What do you get when you mix together a global pandemic, an increase in people working from home, plus a lack of silicon chips? You guessed it! A global shortage
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