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Data Security

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Put Your Cybersecurity to the Test

Have you ever pondered the resilience of your business in the face of a serious cyberattack? In today’s interconnected world, even small businesses in Northland possess valuable customer data and
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Protecting your IT when employees leave in difficult circumstances

So it didn’t work with your newest employee, in fact it didn’t work out would be an understatement…they left under quite a cloud!  A recent Symantec study states that “half
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Free E-Book: Counting down to the next Zero Day Attacks: What businesses need to know!

Counting down to the next Zero Day Attacks. What businesses need to know! This free e-book helps you understand what a zero day attack is, and most importantly what you
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Routers = Security + Speed….

More then just that flashing box, lighting up like a disco in the corner of the room, routers play a particularly vital role in keeping your business safe, and your
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The Risk of Abandoned Domain names

One of the first things we all do is business owners is ponder our business name and what our domain name will be. As our business evolves, sometimes we upgrade
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Why you need a Password Management system

Why is a Password Management system important for Northland businesses? With the increased need for security, and rising Cyber Security threats, it is imperative that all businesses in Northland have
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Top IT Tips for 2022

Top IT Tips for 2022 A New Year is a definitely a chance to kick things off the way you mean to go on. For Northland businesses, we have compiled
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The Christmas IT Checklist

2021 may be the Christmas that we all collectively exhale and exclaim “Thank goodness this year is over”. However, before you rush out the office door for Christmas time, mistletoe
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Cyber Insurance – Do you need it?

Cyber Security is a very real threat to businesses in New Zealand these days. Here we look at Cyber Insurance, what it is, what the laws are, and why you
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Upgrading to improve productivity & Security:

It’s hard to know where to start when prioritising the upgrade of hardware. Here are the top things we see that businesses could upgrade to improve productivity and add security.
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