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Remote support – What are the benefits?

At Ultra IT we know how our Northland businesses rely on speedy support. We offer our customers  remote support which includes: updates, maintenance and a complete managed service to ensure
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Seven Bonuses for Small Business in Office 365

You’ve probably seen all the ads for Office 365. They’re popping up on your desktop, your employees are sending you meaningful looks, and clearly, it’s not going away. You’ve probably
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Privacy Breach reporting Northland

Privacy Breach Reporting

There has been an unprecedented amount of hacking and ransomware attacks in location, New Zealand in 2020. As a result, in January 2021, there is going to be a change with what
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IT for Healthcare

Are you a Health Practitioner?

If you are involved in the health sector based in [location], now is a good time to brush up on making sure your IT is safe and you are tracking
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