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Embracing Change: Overcoming the Fear of AI

Do you remember when video players were invented and we could actually record our favourite TV shows? Or when eftpos cards came along? Don’t even get us started on the
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The Advantages of Leasing IT Hardware

What would be the difference to your business of not having to spend thousands of dollars for new IT hardware? Ultra IT offer a leasing option on a “Managed Device Agreement”
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Is that Managed Service Provider deal really a good one?

When you are looking at Managed Service Providers (MSPs), cost is part of the decision, but by no means the most important one to consider. Whilst saving money is always
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How “Software as a Service” can help your business:

How SaaS Can Save Your Business Money When you see the acronym SaaS you may not immediately think of dollar signs, though the S’s are pretty close. Yet Software as a
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Bad Weather? How to protect your IT equipment

Given the recent spate of storm events in Northland and NZ wide, and weather experts saying we’re going to get more in the future, now is the time to check
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IT Hardware: Tips for planning and budgeting

Nothing is more true than the fact that IT moves quickly these days!  Part of keeping up with IT and the rapid changes is making sure that your business has
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How a Managed Service provider can help your business

In IT we love to use fancy jargon, and Managed Service provider or MSP is no exception. In this article we will break down what an MSP is, how it
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Protecting your IT when employees leave in difficult circumstances

So it didn’t work with your newest employee, in fact it didn’t work out would be an understatement…they left under quite a cloud!  A recent Symantec study states that “half
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Webinar Recording: Empower your team with 365 Teams

Missed the event? Listen to the recording here. If you have any trouble downloading the recording please contact us here and we will send it through to you.
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Routers = Security + Speed….

More then just that flashing box, lighting up like a disco in the corner of the room, routers play a particularly vital role in keeping your business safe, and your
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