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Protecting your IT when employees leave in difficult circumstances

So it didn’t work with your newest employee, in fact it didn’t work out would be an understatement…they left under quite a cloud!  A recent Symantec study states that “half
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What is Microsoft Planner and how can it help your business?

What is Microsoft Planner and how can it help your business? Many businesses in Northland use Microsoft Planner. Planner is a tool within the Office 365 suite. Planner is an
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Is the cloud right for your business?

Cloud services have been shaking up the industry for years now, and its adoption by small and mid-sized businesses is driving cloud computing’s growth. Yet while there are many benefits
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Top IT Tips for 2022

Top IT Tips for 2022 A New Year is a definitely a chance to kick things off the way you mean to go on. For Northland businesses, we have compiled
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The Christmas IT Checklist

2021 may be the Christmas that we all collectively exhale and exclaim “Thank goodness this year is over”. However, before you rush out the office door for Christmas time, mistletoe
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Upgrading to improve productivity & Security:

It’s hard to know where to start when prioritising the upgrade of hardware. Here are the top things we see that businesses could upgrade to improve productivity and add security.
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Cyber Security: Expect the best – prepare for the worst!

Cyber Security – “It will never happen to me!” “Expect the best –  prepare for the worst” Paul* runs a medium sized business in Northland.  He honestly never thought that
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Cyber Security – The Risks and what you can do…

Ransomware threats are on the rise globally, and Cyber Security is the buzzword, even here in Whangarei, and Northland. Not only is there a very real threat present for businesses
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Computer shortage – What can you do?

What do you get when you mix together a global pandemic, an increase in people working from home, plus a lack of silicon chips? You guessed it! A global shortage
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Social Media Scams – not so innocent fun!

Beware the fun social media scam! What may initially seem innocent enough, having a question asked about what your favourite car is, or your star sign, may quickly become a
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