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Managed Data

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Is that Managed Service Provider deal really a good one?

When you are looking at Managed Service Providers (MSPs), cost is part of the decision, but by no means the most important one to consider. Whilst saving money is always
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How “Software as a Service” can help your business:

How SaaS Can Save Your Business Money When you see the acronym SaaS you may not immediately think of dollar signs, though the S’s are pretty close. Yet Software as a
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How a Managed Service provider can help your business

In IT we love to use fancy jargon, and Managed Service provider or MSP is no exception. In this article we will break down what an MSP is, how it
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Free E-Book: Counting down to the next Zero Day Attacks: What businesses need to know!

Counting down to the next Zero Day Attacks. What businesses need to know! This free e-book helps you understand what a zero day attack is, and most importantly what you
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Is the cloud right for your business?

Cloud services have been shaking up the industry for years now, and its adoption by small and mid-sized businesses is driving cloud computing’s growth. Yet while there are many benefits
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Top IT Tips for 2022

Top IT Tips for 2022 A New Year is a definitely a chance to kick things off the way you mean to go on. For Northland businesses, we have compiled
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Data Protection Solution Northland

The Data Protection Solution

If you are a health practitioner, accountant, lawyer, marketer, or you deal with client’s sensitive information on a daily basis, its really important to have a very clear understanding of
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