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Does banning social media at work help productivity?

As a business owner, nothing is more frustrating than seeing your employees wasting time on social media when they should be working. With all those hours spent scrolling Facebook feeds
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The Advantages of Leasing IT Hardware

What would be the difference to your business of not having to spend thousands of dollars for new IT hardware? Ultra IT offer a leasing option on a “Managed Device Agreement”
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Protecting your IT when employees leave in difficult circumstances

So it didn’t work with your newest employee, in fact it didn’t work out would be an understatement…they left under quite a cloud!  A recent Symantec study states that “half
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How Microsoft 365 Exchange has revolutionized and simplified communications for Kapiti Kitchen company. 

Meet Orchard Joinery  Meet Orchard Joinery. A family-owned business from the Kapiti Coast. Orchard Joinery have crafted bespoke kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, stairs and furniture for over 20 years! Whilst
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Free E-Book: Counting down to the next Zero Day Attacks: What businesses need to know!

Counting down to the next Zero Day Attacks. What businesses need to know! This free e-book helps you understand what a zero day attack is, and most importantly what you
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Webinar Recording: Empower your team with 365 Teams

Missed the event? Listen to the recording here. If you have any trouble downloading the recording please contact us here and we will send it through to you.
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Routers = Security + Speed….

More then just that flashing box, lighting up like a disco in the corner of the room, routers play a particularly vital role in keeping your business safe, and your
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Empowering your business with Teams

Meet Northland Kindergarten Association: The Northland Kindergarten Association or NKA, has 25 kindergartens between Kaitaia in the Far North, to Ruawai in the heart of Kaipara. NKA were concerned about
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AVOID DOCUMENT DISASTER: Empowering your Business

The POWER Trifector Solution for Document Automation The environment in which we operate has significantly changed. Businesses in Northland have been driven to embrace remote working.   Every good business is constantly
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Document Management – How to Save Time, Decrease Risk and use what you already have!

Meet Quality Food Southland Meet Quality Food Southland or QFS for short. What started as a humble bakery and Café in the 1900’s by Annie C Miller, grew into New
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