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“Ultra IT adds value to our business!”

PDC creative are a busy creative agency based in Whangarei. Here, Travis Bloem shares how the relationship with Ultra IT has evolved over the years,  and how being on a
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How to Set Automatic Email Replies in Microsoft Outlook

Going on holiday, or just out of the office? This step by step guide will help you to easily set up an automated email reply. Step 1) Click on the
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New in the modern work place

A lot of new features have been announced in the Modern Work space over the last month, so in this blog we will be recapping some of the exciting changes
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Freedom from daily IT distractions

Everyone who runs their own company knows the constant challenge of wearing many hats and trying to manage everything yourself. As much as you’d like to focus your time and
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Benefits to your business of a single IT vendor

At Ultra IT we have established relationships with businesses in Northland with a focus on cyber security, as well as utilising technology to optimise your business goals. We’ve seen the
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What is Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop is described as a co-creation experience that brings together teams, content, and tasks across your tools and devices. It is essentially a virtual workspace where teams can collaborate
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How MSPs Support Employee Effectiveness

Employee effectiveness is key to business success. When your people can do the right things well, you’ll see improved results. That leads to the question: How can businesses improve employee
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Four strategies to reduce data sprawl

The advent of modern data has offered many advantages, yet all that data also presents a formidable challenge: data sprawl. When you lose control of your data, you risk compromising
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Behind the scenes Security!

This month, our new high level Cyber Security provided by Huntress detected a log in for one of our local clients from Kenya with multiple attempts made to login. Immediately
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Top questions to ask a Managed Service Provider

You can’t just swipe right or left when looking for a managed service provider match. Identifying the IT partner that will be best for your business takes time. This guide
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